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Powerful Advocate, Strong Leader, Dedicated Friend


      Representative Denise Provost has served the City of Somerville in many capacities over more than thirty years. Prior to her election to the Massachusetts House of Representatives in 2006, Rep. Provost served as Assistant City Solicitor, as an Alderman-at-large, ran a private law practice, and was an activist, and volunteer in many community organizations and the public schools. For the past 10 years, Rep. Provost has represented the 27th Middlesex District – 11 of Somerville’s 21 precincts – full time in the Massachusetts House. Currently, she serves on the House Committee on Global Warming and Climate Change, the Joint Committee on Revenue, the Joint Committee on Higher Education, and the Joint Committee on State Regulation and Regulatory Oversight.  

      Rep. Provost has been a long-time advocate for the civil rights of all, and protection of the powerless and oppressed. As a legislator, she has worked for improved public health; clean energy and environment; quality health care for all; criminal justice reform, and equal rights for sexual minorities (including marriage equality and full legal equality for transgender people). Rep. Provost also speaks up for the rights of people with disabilities, youth, immigrants, and the homeless; she is the House Co-chair of the Disabilities Caucus, and on the Executive Committee of the Progressive Caucus in the House.

        Rep. Provost combines common sense and caring with her broad experience in law and municipal government. She has championed improved public transportation for decades, promoting the Green Line Extension (GLX) before it even became part of the state’s transportation plans. She has articulated a vision of keeping Somerville’s economic development in balance with the needs of its residents and neighborhoods. She advocates tirelessly for Somerville and all of its people, its public realm, and its open space.

        Rep. Provost has deep roots in the community. She and her husband have raised their children here, sending them to the Somerville public schools, and seeing them both graduate from Somerville High School.  Rep. Provost has devoted her entire adult life to helping Somerville become the best city it can be, while working to protect residents from being displaced by Somerville’s increasing desirability.

When a regional fuel distributor presented a plan to ship dangerous ethanol over local commuter rail lines, Denise immediately went into action. Working over several legislative sessions - and the objections of the Governor - Denise led efforts to establish new legal requirements to protect residents of Somerville and neighboring communities from deadly ethanol fires on local rail lines.  

Ellin Reisner

Somerville Resident and transportation activist

At statewide hearings, Representative Provost heard LGBT elders say they were being treated disrespectfully and unfairly by their local housing authorities when enquiring about senior housing. Representative Provost ensured that Public Housing Authority reform legislation passed requires training in the state laws against discrimination in public housing on the basis of sexual orientation, disability, race, or religion.    

Julie Katz

Somerville resident, volunteer member of Somerville Council on Aging LGBT Advisory board, Senior Move Manager

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I've worked with Denise Provost for over 15 years, and have never known a more hardworking legislator. She has been instrumental in getting Somerville Board of Aldermen's priorities made into law, including the 35% residential tax exemption; the consolidation of land to create Baxter State Park, and the posthumous appointment of Officer Sean Collier to the Somerville Police Department. I'm proud to endorse her re-election.

Bill White

Alderman at Large

In 2012, my late wife Ellen called Denise to tell her that her stage IV breast cancer had gone undiagnosed because she had a common physical condition that can mask the presence of tumors on X-rays. Denise filed a bill to require radiologists to inform patients when their dense tissue may be limiting the value of mammograms for cancer screening, and she worked tirelessly until that bill became law. Thanks to Denise, patients will now get better health information, be evaluated to detect cancer sooner, and have a better chance of survival. 

Damian Musello

Somerville resident, and small business owner, Green Home Realty

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